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Happy Holidays from Mangham Associates

While 2022 had no shortage of tragic and sobering events, the human desire to change the world for the better through hard work and innovation continued. In this spirit, as another year ends and we celebrate the holidays with our friends and family, we’d like to highlight some underreported, hopeful stories from 2022 that we are thankful for:

  • The transition to renewable energy is occurring at a rapidly accelerating pace. In April, Ember, an independent climate think tank, published a study which found that the 10-year average compound growth rate of solar and wind energy has been 20%. If that pace can be sustained through 2030, it is likely that the world will meet its target of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, avoiding the catastrophic impacts of climate change that would occur if the world grew any hotter.

  • Cancer death rates have declined steadily to new lows due to advances in treatments, diagnostic tools, and prevention strategies. According to a September study from the American Association for Cancer Research, there are now more than 18 million cancer survivors in the United States, up from only 3 million in 1971. That number is expected to reach 26 million by 2040. The five-year survival rate for all cancers has increased from 49% in the mid-1970s to nearly 70% from 2011 to 2017 (the most recent years for which data is available).

  • In response to global conservation initiatives, nature is proving to be astonishingly resilient. For example, after being almost completely wiped out by commercial whaling in the 19th and early 20th centuries, the humpback whale population has rebounded from a low point of 10,000 to nearly 80,000 today. In Nepal, the wild tiger population has tripled since 2010 to over 350. Once thought to be extinct, the greenback cutthroat trout (the state fish of Colorado), is now naturally reproducing in the wild thanks to efforts by Colorado’s Parks and Wildlife department. Conservation efforts can have a real impact.

In addition to the above, we are also thankful for the opportunity to be partners with our clients, and to help support the work they do to make the world a better place. Our nonprofit clients have made a real impact on their communities by providing funds and services to those in need, including in healthcare, education, the arts, and other areas. Many of our family clients support similar philanthropic causes, and also seek to make an impact through targeted investments that focus on environmentally sustainable opportunities. We are proud to help our clients achieve their goals.

All of us at Mangham Associates join in wishing you and your family health and prosperity in the year to come.

The Mangham Associates Team

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