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Our Firm

Mangham Associates has been an investment partner to foundations, endowments and select families for three decades. It’s our mission to support our clients’ missions by building investment solutions designed to deliver strong returns and weather turbulent markets. We are a 100% independent, employee owned firm, driven by our core values and bound, as a fiduciary, to always put our clients’ needs first.

Our home has been Charlottesville, Virginia since our founding. Charlottesville offers us the opportunity to be part of a vibrant intellectual community that values continual learning though innovative research, fundamental analysis and the exchange of ideas. Our highly experienced team of professionals have expertise in all areas of investing including public equities, private markets, bonds and real estate.

Mangham offers our clients access to high-quality investment portfolios comparable to the best-managed university endowments. We work to find the most talented investment managers from across the globe and are highly selective – for example, in 2020, starting from a broad universe of thousands of potential managers, we conducted 224 meetings resulting in 12 select new investments.

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Our uncompromising adherence to our core values dictates everything we do. In investing, these values have led us to a process which is fact-based, emphasizes quantitative analysis while including qualitative assessments, and is driven by collegial team debate in order to achieve the best outcomes. In client service, our core value of Partnership has helped us to earn our clients’ trust over the long term.

Why Mangham Associates

Why Mangham Associates?

We are unbiased.

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Our 100% independence means that we answer only to our clients. We can do the right thing without structural conflicts, competing priorities or distractions.


We deliver results.

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Mangham Associates has over 30 years’ experience being accountable for our clients’ investment performance. Our senior client-facing professionals average nearly 20 years of investment experience.


We are the right size.


We believe our size is an advantage for our clients: we are able to provide custom-tailored portfolios, high-touch client service and have access to the same investment managers as the biggest firms, yet are nimble enough to gain access to high-demand, capacity-constrained managers.


We are true partners.


We’ve proudly earned client trust over the long term by partnering with our clients to improve their investments, strengthen their finances and achieve their missions.

Our Clients

Our Clients


We offer sophisticated investment portfolios comparable to those of large university endowments

Our current clients include community foundations, religious organizations, healthcare organizations, senior care organizations, conservation foundations, along with private foundations that make grants to support all aspects of health, education, local history, nature, ecology and youth

We recognize that different types of non-profits have different risk tolerances due to their internal financial structures. Our approach is to help our clients to develop a comprehensive policy based on the risk tolerances of the organization, the need for capital expenditures, and the organization’s specific capital structure

We are sensitive to the limited resources of thinly staffed clients and adjust our services to meet their needs. All of our clients have direct access to our operations staff and receive guidance on transactional work such as trading, manager instructions, general account maintenance and audits


We offer our family clients access to the same high-quality investment portfolios as our non-profit clients, tailored to reflect their own values and desires

Our family clients typically have a long-term mindset and sophisticated investment expectations similar to our non-profit clients 

We recognize that no family is the same – each has its own unique circumstances and goals. With this in mind, we assist our clients with all aspects of family governance, including forecasting future spending, helping to meet philanthropic goals and making tax-efficient investment decisions

Marrying investment expertise with tax awareness allows us to construct portfolios to fit each family’s tax situation. We use innovative investment strategies to enhance our clients’ after-tax investment performance

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